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We are textile products manufacturer producing diverse textiles products ranging from home furnishing & organizers, textile bags, camping tents to children products.

Our proven technology offers outstanding performance in function, style, and durability. Our focus on flat packing, light weight construction delivers efficient designs with sustainable economic value.

We are passionate about the continuous improvement on our products and services, which are not only unique, of high quality and competitive but also intended to contribute to the sustainable development of society.”



Sedo is a pioneer in the manufacture of pop up hampers. Our experience goes back to the 1990s, when we developed the first and world-famous pop up hamper for our customer.
Hanging organizers are widely used in the household, they help keep things neat and tidy, Easy to clean, space-saving and, above all, reasonably priced, they can be placed above the door, on the wall and in the wardrobe.
*Organization is hall the battle*- this saying is especially true when it comes to choosing the right storage boxes for the household. Storage boxes and drawers are used all over the home, enhancing the furnishings and helping to unclutter and organize the household.
children's products
Play tents transform children's bedrooms into imaginative worlds and invite children to immerse therein. Playing in tents help children unleash their boundless creativity. With the aim of enriching children's play worlds, experienced and creative technical developers at Sedo design details create appealing children's play and bed tents.
Inflatable products are filled with air, which serves to unfold the product and maintain its shape. The advantage of this product category is the low weight and the possibility of space saving storage. Popular inflatable products are travel neck pillow, seat cushions and airbeds.
With more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of tents and pop-up constructions, we are considered a sought-after address when it comes to quality in construction and design detail.


"In dedication to innovation and creativity, we are proud to offer versatile range of textile products.

By vertically integrating production of key materials, and adapting circularity by utilizing recycled materials in our products, we commit to make a contribution to sustainable development.

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